Junior Coaching Rates

40 minute lesson £30

3 x 40 minutes lessons £80

9 hole lesson on the kids course £70

Junior Development Programme

Using V1 video to analyse, demonstrate and develop skills and technique. Ideal for either the novice or the more experienced junior golfer.

6 Individual lessons for £150

West Links Junior Group Coaching

West Links Junior group coaching is available from the PGA Professional team. This is available when you join the West Links junior section. The coaching is tiered into three levels to aid development.

At the West Links we also offer junior coaching camps which are also open to non members of the West Links Junior section.

In a relaxed setting all the coaching sessions will include skill and technique development, fun games and exciting challenges. Contact me for more details on joining up or the junior camps.

THE KIDS COURSE AT NORTH BERWICK.                                                                                                     A fantastic place to learn.


Nice technique from this 9 year old with good delivery of the club face to the ball!

Annual Individual Junior Programme (under 18)



Technical Work and Skill Development includes:

Pre shot routine

• Set Up
• Driving
• Wood play
• Long Iron play
• Short iron play
• Wedge play
• Pitching
• Chipping
• Bunker play
• Putting
• Shot making (High shots, low shots drawing the ball, fading the ball)

Course Management
• Pre-shot routine
• Shot choice
• Playing the course
• One shot at a time

Practice Planning
• Practice weaker parts of your game
• Self test during practice sessions
• On course practice
• Have fun during practice (It is never a
• Always finish sessions with sense of
• Practice matches with friends to get

Mental Skills
• Enjoyment
• Coping with tension
• Relaxation
• Visualisation
• Dealing with success
• Dealing with disappointment
• Develop mental strength (positive thoughts)

• Stretching (before & after play)
• Flexibility
• Strengthening
• Cardio Exercise

Competition Scheduling
• The importance of competing
• Keeping sharp and looking forward to


Programme Schedule

10 range sessions working on technique and skill development.

2 x  on the course sessions.

Rules of golf session.

Individual meeting(s) to plan goal setting, practice sessions and a competition playing schedule.

Cost of a 12 month programme is £300.

Custom Fitting

The right clubs to suit your game

Rules of Golf
Knowing the basic rules to get you round the course







Only a few are blessed with the physical and mental skills of a Nicklaus or Trevino to play golf at the highest standard. The rest of us struggle somewhat in an attempt to gain satisfaction from this wonderful game.

The good news is that with help from a local professional, I believe that all of us can improve greatly from our starting base.


After an initial course to get the basics of "grip and stance" in place, it is possible to keep your form with a bi-annual MOT to have these checked over by your professional.

I have been working regularly with Paul for some time now and this year, as a septuagenarian, am delighted to report a three shot improvement in my playing handicap.

  I have found Paul to be perceptive in the diagnosis of any swing fault, rarely advising more than two swing thoughts in fixing, whilst at all times giving encouragement to boost your confidence levels. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul as your swing guru.

W P Ross - Past Captain of Kilspindie GC August 2014

Working with Paul can only benefit your golf game. His knowledge and experience of teaching all aspects of the game and the simplicity of his explanations makes time spend with Paul enjoyable and beneficial. A worthy investment in your game.

Raymond Russell
European Tour winner
Scotland World Cup player


It was so beneficial to my game working with Paul. I could not have achieved all that I did without his help.

Hilary Monaghan
Former Scottish Ladies Champion
and Curtis Cup player


Paul has followed his passion & gained the reputation as a very knowledgeable & caring instructor. I believe he sees his primary role, as a teacher, is to guide his students learning. He is personable, has strong communication skills and his reputation will grow and be recognised. In the last couple of years my handicap has halved as a result of his tutelage.

Andrew Thomson
Vice-captain Whitekirk GC
Gullane Ladies Cup Winner 2009

I'm a member of the Glen and Murrayfield golf clubs, and playing of 12.We agreed a plan just after new year of the areas that needed work, then covered these areas. I feel I have really benefitted from Paul's guidance. He is very enthusiastic, a great motivator and technically very sound. Then comes the bonus, after each session I got a succinct email summary of what we covered, what key points to thinks/ work on, including very useful practice drills. It was so helpful! I would strongly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to improve their golf. You'll really enjoy it too!

Louise Campbell    Feb 2016




Paul has assisted me in becoming a more confident and consistent golfer through working on and developing my pre-shot routine and basics. Nine hole playing lessons have also been very helpful in learning me how to play certain shots and to try and evaluate risk better out on the course in medals and competition.

Terry Anderson
Whitekirk GC Team Member


Since being coached by Paul I have a renewed confidence in my game that had long since gone. After only 3 lessons, in which we worked on some of the basics I noticed an immediate impact on my game, consistent ball striking and much more control. I truly believe that if I continue to work with Paul I will achieve my goal of being a solid golfer with a single figure handicap! Thanks Paul.

Leigh Cummings (h'cap 15)            Dec 2012


I have had several lessons with Paul and find his relaxed style and straightforward communication really helpful. He explains each step, keeps things simple and does not try to change too many things at once. The results in my case have been excellent."

Chris Sutton  Jan 2013


On taking up golf again some 18 months ago with a handicap of 18, I now find myself with a handicap of 8, all due to the coaching and support from my PGA Professional Paul Wardell at Whitekirk Golf Club. Paul has been a tower of
strength for me.

Gordon Stewart
Member, Whitekirk GC


Working with Paul has certainly been beneficial to my golf game. Through his expert knowledge and teaching Paul has helped me to improve my consistency, hit a wider range of golf shots and ultimately lower my scores. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone who is looking to improve their golf game!

William Campbell (h'cap 6)
January 2013

Paul has really improved my ball striking. He uses the perfect mixture of technique and "feel" to improve your own individual swing without over complicating things. He showed me the "how to" of links golf and windy conditions.

John Bannerman , Houston. Texas Aug 2015