Pro tip

Chipping , March 2019 | 25/3/2019



Using alignment sticks in practice is helpful for ‘seeing your target lines


Set the sticks about 6 inches apart and position them parallel to each other and point towards the target. This gets you set up on line during practice


Set up

  • Aim the club face behind the ball


  • Position the ball centre of heels with a narrow stance


  • Turn your toes towards the target as this will allow your legs to move naturally through  


  • Tilt your body towards the target to get your weight forward


  • By standing closer and taller to the ball this will encourage the club to move straighter back on the backswing and allow the club to drop ‘onto’ the ball and resist the temptation to scoop under the ball.


  • Deciding what point you need to chip over helps you choose the club with the correct loft for the shot in hand.



  • Chipping Stack

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