Sternum over the ball | 11/6/2024

Don’t allow your body to move too far ahead of the arms/club coming into impact. The feet together drill will help keep the arms and body more in sequence. It’s a simple drill and helpful in many other ways.



The move away from the ball



The clubface stays square to the swing arc.



Christmas gift vouchers

PWG coaching | 5/12/2023

Christmas coaching gift voucher available to purchase.



Impact position

The key moment in the golf swing | 15/11/2023

Winter Coaching

Now available | 15/11/2023

Paul Wardell, Golf Instruction.
Renaissance Club.

Was your golf season in 2023 successful?
Is your game where you hoped it would be?

Whatever your situation, sign up for your bespoke winter programme.

My aim is to simply help you enjoy ‘playing better golf’.

The programme of 5 structured 60 minute sessions with the use of Trackman will cost £310.

Contact me for more details on or 07970 186817.

Teaching Zone

24th February | 26/2/2023

East Lothian Schools

PAIS schools coaching sessions, handicap group | 10/2/2023

Early Bird Coaching Plan

Be fast not last | 1/2/2023

Coaching at Renaissance

Weekend 28th & 29th January 23 | 30/1/2023

Sunday morning, January

Session with Ryan | 30/1/2023

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